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I am Blake Reed majority owner and active President of BWS Inspection Services, LLC. I have accumulated over 10 years in the inspection field and I’m a third generation professional to the Oil & Gas construction industry.

Here at BWS, our primary goal is to present skillful, knowledgeable, respectful certified professional inspectors to our clients. We strive with providing continued education to our inspection personnel and hold our client’s Company’s Standards and EH&S policies to the highest levels while representing you with integrity. Our procurement department performs with diligence to provide detailed cost tracking documentation weekly to mitigate errors and oversight to ensure hassle free invoicing in a timely manner .

We maintain a diversified database of professional inspectors which come from various industry backgrounds giving us the ability to fulfill your needs promptly. We pride ourselves on providing seasoned inspectors that have both construction experience and inspection experience. We have found that this is an asset the inspector’s ability to recognize, mitigate and provide valid input to Company representatives on active field situations for decision making. BWS values and appreciates all of our inspection personnel by providing them with care packages and the proper tools, equipment and supplies necessary to perform to the Clients Construction Standards.

It would be an honor for us here at BWS Inspection Services, LLC. to represent your Company while building and maintaining a long standing relationship to provide your professional needs. I look forward to answering all of your questions concerning your project needs. Please feel free to contact me directly, my information is listed below.

Thank you for taking the time to review our information, we look forward to hearing from you soon. Would appreciate your time to visit. Have a great day!

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BWS Inspection service has executed numerous depths of service in the oil & gas industry. BWS values each and every customer with safety being the utmost importance in day to day duties. BWS strives to accommodate the customer’s goals by approaching every job & situation in a professional manner. Every customer receives first-rate inspection with keeping safety, quality, and schedule in the forefront.
Having elite inspectors representing BWS has led to the longevity and superior workman-ship that makes BWS stand before the rest.

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