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Health & Safety

BWS Inspection Services’ policy is to maintain a safe & healthy working environment regardless of the situation in which one may encounter.

Safety is what BWS is built upon and ensuring local & federal laws encompass our safety program which will result in protecting the environment. Safety supersedes completion in the working environment, although completion is key in satisfying the customer.

Each BWS employee understands the importance of safety, ensuring workers and co-worker alike are deemed safe & in accordance with our company safety protocol.

Honest | Trustworthy | Committed

Our Mission

It is our mission at BWS Inspection Services to maintain a honest & trustworthy reputation with all oil & gas industry professionals and to see to it that our work not only provides exceptional customer service, but instills a lasting impression of our companies’ commitment to improve the oil & gas industry.


Premier Inspection Company

Our Services

• ASNT Inspector/Film Auditing
• API Inspectors
• Construction Managers
• Chief Inspectors
• Civil Inspectors
• Cathodic Protection Inspectors
• Environmental Inspectors
• Gate Guards
• I&E Inspectors
• Integrity Inspectors
• Land Management

• Material Expeditor’s
• NACE Coating Inspectors
• Material Proving (Material Integrity Reporting)
• Project Managers / Office Managers
• Production Facility Consultants
• Project Cost Analysis
• Quality Control Specialists
• Safety Inspectors
• Tank Inspectors
• Utility Inspectors
• Welding Inspectors

Dependable & Proven


BWS Inspection service has executed numerous depths of service in the oil & gas industry. BWS values each and every customer with safety being the utmost importance in day to day duties. BWS strives to accommodate the customer’s goals by approaching every job & situation in a professional manner. Every customer receives first-rate inspection with keeping safety, quality, and schedule in the forefront.

Having elite inspectors representing BWS has led to the longevity and superior workman-ship that makes BWS stand before the rest.

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