BWS Inspection Services, LLC and its affiliated entities (collectively herein “BWS”) uses mobile application for certain business-related purposes. You are being provided this policy because it is anticipated that you will use the BWS mobile application, referred to herein as the “BWS App”. You will be referred to as “You” in this policy. A user of the BWS App is referred to herein as “User”.
Purpose of the BWS App: The BWS App will be used to facilitate reporting to BWS of certain information such as time worked by employees, work performed, and expenses incurred. Other information might be obtained to properly assign and make use of such work-related information, such as the User’s full name, date of birth, social security number, or driver’s license number. Other information on the User, the device on which the User downloads or makes use of the BWS App, and the application will also be gathered and used to ensure other information described in this paragraph is accurate and used properly and to assess performance of the BWS App. Such information includes form data (for example autofill or auto population) information, usage data (for example when, how often and for how long you use the BWS App), device data (such as IP address or other device identifying data), and location data. All of the information described in this paragraph is referred to as “User Information”.
Use of User Information: User Information will generally be used for internal business purposes. For example, information provided by a User of the BWS App such as time worked and work performed will be used to calculate compensation and related tax and other withholdings. BWS will not sell User Information and will take reasonable steps to secure and prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of User Information, with the following caveats:
(1) Some disclosure of User Information to third parties is required by law. For example, information related to time worked and work performed and resulting compensation will be disclosed to government agencies as required by law. A request for User Information might also be made under the law, such as by way of a subpoena or court order and BWS might have to provide User Information in response.
(2) User Information gathered through or obtained by way of the BWS App might be shared with third parties to facilitate the business of BWS. For example, User Information might also be shared with a client of BWS, such as to receive reimbursement for work performed or expense incurred by a BWS employee or to prove progress on a project.
(3) User Information can be used by BWS to enforce its rights, such as in a legal proceeding in which You are a party or are involved.
(4) The BSW App was developed by a third-party vendor, Merge Mobile, Inc. Merge Mobile may use certain User Information, such as location, usage and device data, to analyze and improve the performance of the BWS App. BWS does not in any way accept responsibility for unauthorized disclosures and misuse of BWS Information due to deficiencies in or breaches of the BWS App itself, nor does it accept any responsibility for unauthorized disclosures or misuse of User Information gathered or stored by Merge Mobile.
(5) User Information pertaining to You can be disclosed with your consent.
4860-0900-3301, v. 1
You should take steps to protect your User Information, such as protecting passwords and not allowing others to access the BWS App or the device on which it is downloaded.
Rights to and Storage of User Information: User Information provided to or gathered by BWS via the BWS App will be stored by BWS consistent with the purposes and uses stated above. BWS’s files, records and electronic information are solely the property of BWS and are not, due to the storage or incorporation of User Information, your property, nor do you have any right to access, inspect or copy BSW’s files merely due to their containing User Information.
You may use the BWS App only for the purposes stated in this policy and as directed by BWS. You may not use your access to the BWS App to reverse engineer the app or to attempt to improperly recreate the app or any technology or intellectual property of Merge Mobile. If your actions cause User Information to be improperly used or disclosed, cause a violation of the term of BWS’s relationship with Merge Mobile, or otherwise interfere with the use of or access to the BWS App by BWS and its personnel, you could be held liable for resulting damages.
Use of the BWS App and compliance with and agreement to this policy is condition of your employment with BWS. By using the BWS App, you agree to the terms of this policy. This policy is subject to change as BWS’s needs change or the BWS App is further developed.